Meet Your IP: Our Service Beyond the Horizons

Impressive and unforgettable speech by IP Gudrun Yngvadottir at the Lions Europa Forum in Skopje

IP of LCI Gudrun Yngvadottir had a message for all the participants in Lions Europa Forum – each and everu day is a dey for an action and success is only achieved through hard work, faith in the tasks performed and togetherness..

-We must reach within our clubs, communities and ourselves. We need fresh ideas, and new voices..

According to Lion Gudrun,the four most important pillars at this moment are as follows:

1.Moving membership forward

2.Increasing leadership development

3.Promote fellowship and build relationship

4.Sharing our stories and sharing our success

As always, Lion Gudrun enthusiastically and clearly pointed out “We’re ready to serve Beyond the Horizon. New voices will strenghten our association, and the World”.

During her speech, IP of LCI Gudrun Yngvadottir, she was frequently interrupted with applauses and praises by the participants in Lions Europa Forum in Skopje.

-We must navigate with purpose, where horizons meet, said IP of LCI Gudrun Yngvadottir.

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