We are presenting hosts of EF2021 HC Team – Croatia, regarding Europa Forum 2021

Lions Croatia is elected to be a host of LIONS EUROPA FORUM 2021, was decided on the plenary session in Skopje by the European council II.
Lions Croatia, District 126, is established in ‘90ties. Today we have more than 60 clubs and approximatly 1200 members. We are focused to organise International Humanitarian regatta from 24-27.April.2019 with the moto – Sailing against drugs. On this event meet Lions all over the world.
Discovering Croatia is the next important event for Youth and Exchange from 20-30.July.2019.
Colleagues from Croatia are preparing LIONS WINEYARD GOODWILL, all collected charity

from this event will be donated for ecological action, education of Agriculture highschool and faculty students.
Macedonian team did a great job regarding this Europa Forum 2018, with more than 1000 participients and more than 60 events organised by District 132, said colleagues from Croatia, said LIONS Croatia.

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