QUESTIONNAIRE Europaforum 2018 Skopje – Speakers

We are pleased to have you with us at the Lion’s European Forum 2018 in Skopje.

We are providing the following equipment:

  • BEAMER with HDMI and VGA plugs, screen
  • Internet access
  • Cinema seating
  • Micro and loudspeaker in Rooms 80 seats and more
  • Front-Table for 4 Speakers
  • Rooms: 25, 50, 100 or more seats

We ask you to:

  • submit this questionnaire until latest 31st of May 2018
  • use English at the seminar/workshop (conference language)*
  • bring your own personal computer with Power Point installed
  • bring your own secretary/specialists if required for your seminar

* In case you need a interpreter, you have to bring him/her yourself.
Our basic roules are:

  • The length of each seminar is 90 minutes. You will receive the information about the duration of your presentation depends on the number of speakers in the session.
  • We ask you to start and end your presentation on time
  • Submit the presentation until 30th of September 2018.

To be able to publish the program and to provide you with the necessary infrastructure we ask you to answer the following questions.

You can provide your information in English, German, French or Italian.

Thank you for your well estimated contribution.


Form of address *


(Maximum Allowed: 40 characters.)

(Maximum Allowed: 160 characters.)

Indicate the room size needed for your seminar/event: *

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