The Macedonian Philharmonic concert, the sound of national hymns and unforgettable addresses had officially opened the 64TH Lions Europa Forum held in Skopje.

Dear readers, here is a selection of some of the opening addresses:

Lion Nebojsha Davidovski, President of the 2018 Lions Europa Forum Skopje

-Welcome to Macedonia, Welcome to Skopje. We have worked relentlessly over the past few years in preparation of this Forum, and I am already convinced that this is the best organized Europa Forum for all our Lyons, so far.  Please relish the beauties of our country. Thank you wholeheartedly for your massive participation from all over the world. We serve!

HE Zoran Zaev, Prime minister of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia

Dear Lions, I hope you continue to represent beacons of light and convey the message that competition in charity is the competition where everybody wins. Your mission is to encourage and motivate volunteers to serve their communities, to engage in serving the basic humanitarian needs of others, to support peace and to promote international understanding through your Lions clubs. All this makes you leaders of the humanitarian aid community. The very motto of the Lions – We serve – is the loud and confident testimony to your eternal values fostered for the communities, said Prime minister Zaev.

Lion Sonja Bojadzieva, D132 Macedonia Governor

I rejoice this opportunity to host this Europa Forum. It is a great chance for all of us to be able to present our hospitality. We invested all our energy, knowledge and resources in the organization of this great event. We have lived for this occasion, which makes all Macedonian Lions proud. It gives me such pleasure to see representatives from Lions clubs in over 40 European countries, as well as Lions from all over the world – here in Skopje, the city of solidarity, the city of Mother Theresa. I wish we build many new bridges of friendship among us!

Gudrun Yngvadottir, International President LCI

Greetings, Lions. The Europa forum is so close to my heart. I am very happy to be here with my wonderful Lions family!

We are all living at a critical moment in history and global needs have never been greater. Over 425 million people live today with diabetes. Natural disasters happen around the world, causing massive challenges for families and communities. Millions go to bed hungry every night. And millions more have been displaced by conflict. We know that the need for humanitarian aid is ever present, and growing.

These challenges, combined with the everyday challenges facing our neighbors and communities, highlight the need for our humanitarian service – Service at a global scale. True, the needs are great. But, as you all know, we are uniquely positioned to bring uncommon kindness when and where it’s needed to the global communities we serve.

No, Lions do not run away from challenges. We run toward them. This, friends are at the heart of my presidential message this year.

We have a destination. We have the wind in our sails. But, the wind changes and we need to adapt. So we look to the horizon and stay our course. And what is our destination? Our destination is to serve more people every day and every year.

Youth are the future of our organization. More than half the world’s population is under 30, and they are volunteering at a high rate.

Our service spans generations. And it’s critical that we give the next generation every opportunity to not only serve as Lions and Leos but also to be service leaders.

Our young people are ready to serve. They are ready to contribute now.

They have incredible ideas and we need to listen. We need to be willing to change and give them opportunities to lead projects so they will be ready to lead us into the future of service.


Young people are ready to change the world. Let’s give them an opportunity to do it as Lions and Leos.

Lions are there. Lions are reaching out. We are making a difference.

Friends, we have the heart, the compassion, and the most incredible volunteers on earth.

Together, we can reach a level of humanitarian good the world has never seen. Together, we are bringing renewed meaning to the lives of many and a purpose to ourselves. Together we can reach new horizons in service. We will move our service beyond the horizon.

Thank you, Macedonia! Thank you, Lions, for all you do to make our world a better place.



WaSH (water, Sanitation, Hygiene) Working group and Panel Meeting (closed session)

Shortage of clean, drincable water is not a problem only for Asia and Africa beacuse the pollution in the water are everywhere in the world and there will be a negative evolution of humanity, said Mr.Alexis Vincent Gomès, past Int. Director LCIF trustee 2017-2018, from R.Congo. He underlined that we must treat this issue globally and very seriously towards environment, clean water, youngsters and families, on WaSH (water, Sanitation, Hygiene) Working group and Panel Meeting (closed session).

GAT CA 4 Group C Meeting

How to improve the Leadership, Membership and Service Activities in CA 4 Group to achieve and exceed the Global Action Team goals and to help the districts in their development are issues discussed by representatives of different Lions Clubs at Lions Europa Forum 2018. All Action Plans, which are going to be revised by Governors of each District, should be published on-line. The event GAT CA 4 Group C Meeting was led by Zvonimir Cvetanovski, PDG, District 132, Miklos Horvath, PID, District 119 and Mirela Grigorovici, PDG District 124

70 Years Lions in Europe


The first Lion club in Europe was charted on May 19, 1948. Torgny Lange , Swedish national, has launched the club Stockholm which marks the beginning of historical development of Lionism in Europe. Lange was journalism fellow in New York whereas he attended The Lions Club International Convention in Philadelphia and he was acquainted with the basics of Lionism.

Today we are marking 70 years of Lionism in Europe we heard representatives from the five charted clubs Stockholm (19 May, 1948), Geneva (16 April 1948), Zurich (16 July 1948), Paris (26 July) and Halmstad (23 November 1948). Year by year we have growing number of clubs and Lions. At the moment, there are 9389 clubs in 59 nations and states.


Project Martina

Project Martina is dedicated to early detection of tumors. It is important across generations, but Lions will take actions and service activities with emphasis on informing teenagers and their parents about this issue. They will raise awareness and promote empathy toward youngsters.


Gudrun Yngvadottir, First Vice International President 2017-2018

Naresh Aggarwal, International President 2017-2018

PDG Nebojsha Davidovski, President of Europa Forum 2018

ID Regina Risken, International Director, Chairperson of Supervisory Committee Europa Forum 2018

Supervisory Committee Europa Forum 2018 meeting 2

Sandro Castellana, International Director

Phil Nathan, Past International Director, Europa Forum Advisor & Achivist and Sonja Bojadzieva, District 132 Governor Elect 2017-2018

Peter Brandenburg, Past Council Chairperson, Europa Forum Accountant

Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Grimaldi, Past International President

Kalle Elster, Past International Director, President of Europa Forum 2019

Oya Sebuk, Past International Director

Georges Placet, Past International Director

Gabriele Sabatosanti, Past International Director

Hayri Ulgen, Past International Director

Salim Moussan, Past International Director

Luis Dominguez, Past International Director