WaSH (water, Sanitation, Hygiene) Working group and Panel Meeting (closed session)

Shortage of clean, drincable water is not a problem only for Asia and Africa beacuse the pollution in the water are everywhere in the world and there will be a negative evolution of humanity, said Mr.Alexis Vincent Gomès, past Int. Director LCIF trustee 2017-2018, from R.Congo. Continue reading “WaSH (water, Sanitation, Hygiene) Working group and Panel Meeting (closed session)”


Gudrun Yngvadottir, First Vice International President 2017-2018

Naresh Aggarwal, International President 2017-2018

PDG Nebojsha Davidovski, President of Europa Forum 2018

ID Regina Risken, International Director, Chairperson of Supervisory Committee Europa Forum 2018

Supervisory Committee Europa Forum 2018 meeting 2

Sandro Castellana, International Director

Phil Nathan, Past International Director, Europa Forum Advisor & Achivist and Sonja Bojadzieva, District 132 Governor Elect 2017-2018

Peter Brandenburg, Past Council Chairperson, Europa Forum Accountant

Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Grimaldi, Past International President

Kalle Elster, Past International Director, President of Europa Forum 2019

Oya Sebuk, Past International Director

Georges Placet, Past International Director

Gabriele Sabatosanti, Past International Director

Hayri Ulgen, Past International Director

Salim Moussan, Past International Director

Luis Dominguez, Past International Director