Young Ambassador Award: The Results

Darren McDonald from Ireland is a winner of the Young Ambassador Competition which was held as a part of Lions Europa Forum. He was awarded for the project “The 6K Project” dedicated to the people with special needs. Among participants from many countries, Jemima Browning from UK was placed second, and Julia Swiatkowski from Germany was placed third.

We are presenting hosts of EF2019 HC Team – Estonia, regarding Europa Forum 2019, Tallin, October 4-6th 2019.

MAIN TOPIC: Market of Ideas – Creative ideas, open inovation.
Main workshops: Sustainable Circular Economy, Healthy youth – base for European society, E-LION – LIONS cyber solutions.
The Estonian team was thrilled from our organisation and they expect also big number of participients.
– It is going to be bit different than yours. During the forum there will be music competition on a classic guitar, Young ambassadors competition and Youth exchange. We are planning Charity warm-up Party and Europa Forum Parade of Nations. One of our plans is to finance training of 12 dogs – assignament dogs for diabetess assistance. You can apply allready and register for EF2019 and you can get full package for a great discount, said Lion Urve Mets, who presented their program on Europa Forum 2018, Skopje, Macedonia.

We are presenting hosts of EF2021 HC Team – Croatia, regarding Europa Forum 2021

Lions Croatia is elected to be a host of LIONS EUROPA FORUM 2021, was decided on the plenary session in Skopje by the European council II.
Lions Croatia, District 126, is established in ‘90ties. Today we have more than 60 clubs and approximatly 1200 members. We are focused to organise International Humanitarian regatta from 24-27.April.2019 with the moto – Sailing against drugs. On this event meet Lions all over the world.
Discovering Croatia is the next important event for Youth and Exchange from 20-30.July.2019.
Colleagues from Croatia are preparing LIONS WINEYARD GOODWILL, all collected charity

from this event will be donated for ecological action, education of Agriculture highschool and faculty students.
Macedonian team did a great job regarding this Europa Forum 2018, with more than 1000 participients and more than 60 events organised by District 132, said colleagues from Croatia, said LIONS Croatia.

Lions Working with the United Nations and Other NGOs

The purpose of the meeting is to examine the relations beetwen Lions, United nations and NGOs. Strictly on a practical basis presenters shared not only information about the agencies, but also what the practical implication is for a Lions clubs and Districts. So, they shared their ideas and inspiration on how our Districts and Clubs be involved with UN and NGOs, says the chair Haward Lee.

Speakers on the event Lions Working with the United Nations and Other NGOs held on Europa Forum 2018 were:

PID Howard Lee, LCI representative to UN office in GenevaPID Dr. Domenico Messina, WHOPID Roberto Fresia, LCI representative of FAOPID Horst Kirchgarterer, LCI representative to the Council of EuropePID Philippe Gerondal, LCI representative to the UN office at Vienna

Meet Your IP: Our Service Beyond the Horizons

Impressive and unforgettable speech by IP Gudrun Yngvadottir at the Lions Europa Forum in Skopje

IP of LCI Gudrun Yngvadottir had a message for all the participants in Lions Europa Forum – each and everu day is a dey for an action and success is only achieved through hard work, faith in the tasks performed and togetherness..

-We must reach within our clubs, communities and ourselves. We need fresh ideas, and new voices..

According to Lion Gudrun,the four most important pillars at this moment are as follows:

1.Moving membership forward

2.Increasing leadership development

3.Promote fellowship and build relationship

4.Sharing our stories and sharing our success

As always, Lion Gudrun enthusiastically and clearly pointed out “We’re ready to serve Beyond the Horizon. New voices will strenghten our association, and the World”.

During her speech, IP of LCI Gudrun Yngvadottir, she was frequently interrupted with applauses and praises by the participants in Lions Europa Forum in Skopje.

-We must navigate with purpose, where horizons meet, said IP of LCI Gudrun Yngvadottir.

Joint services in Balkan countries for a stronger Lions

Lions clubs from all over the Balkans have great opportunities and perspectives, which can be realised only with collaboration- was the conclusion of the session chaired by Lion Oya Sebuk, PID, MD 118. According to her, this region displays great potential.

The session’s participants were welcomed by Sonja Bojadjieva DG 132 Macedonia, who accentuated the existing cooperation among the Lions of the Balkans, in becoming stronger Lions.

At the same session, Slobodan Vukicevic, PDG 132 Macedonia, shared an example of strengthening clubs through mutual collaboration – which requires hard work, lots of learning and training in order to remain on the right track.

Gladys Avignon from France – winner on 27th Lions European music competition Thomas Kuti – FLUTE 2018

Young Gladys Avignon from France is the winner of the 2018 Europa Forum traditional music contest. Musicians from 17 countries competed their performances on flute, instrument most related to the Macedonian flute called kaval, and one that best depicts the human speech onomatopoeia.

Gladys Avignon was accompanied on the winners podium by Natalia Egielman from Poland and Xavier Santos from Portugal, who received awards by both the jury and the audience.

The contest was extremely competitive, and the selected performers showed their talent, diligence and love of the flute. The jury had a difficult task and so had the audience, which also cast votes for award winners, such as Plamenka Trajkovska, an academy-trained musician and a member of the Lions Europa Forum Skopje, organization committee.

Skopje 55 years City of solidarity and Mother Teresa’s birthplace

Stefan Bogoev, mayor of Municipality Karpos

Municipality of Karpos in the City of Skopje is a symbol of solidarity. Many streets in the municipality are named after metropolises which donated after the catastrophic earthquake 55 years ago. Also, the symbol of Skopje is Mother Theresa, who extended a hand to the poor, disenfranchised and persons on the margins of the society.

IPIP Dr. Naresh Aggarwal

“I am proud of the deeds of Mother Theresa. We are proud because she helped the world.”

IPIP Prof. Dr. Giuseppe Grimaldi

“Mother Theresa was opened to anybody and she helped everybody”

Blind Dog Leader School in Macedonia, a Possibility?

Jurg Vogt, PDG, MD 102 GST-Coordinator

“We would like to help Macedonia in opening Dog Leader School, for helping blind persons. It works very well with us and at this Forum we are sharing our experiences” – said Lion Vogt.

Dr Biljana Coneska Jovanova, D 132

“We have an idea to open such school in Macedonia. Schools like this function in many countries throughout the world and are of tremendous help to blind people. In the event the school is opened next year, we expect that by year 2023 we would have first trained assistance dog for person with blindness” – said Lion Coneska Jovanova, D 132

There are four such schools in Switzerland already.